See Abigail in the first match on this reel.

USA VS Brazil Team Event

Watch Daniels Exciting match starts -4:00


Amazing results today

Open Singles champion: Mandy
U1400 champion: Ryota
U800 champion: Noah
Open Doubles champion: Mandy & Abigail
U2400 Doubles champion: Paul & Ken
U1400 Doubles champion: Noah & Jayden
Also note:
U1400 runner-up: Sam
U1400 3rd place: Ace
U2400 runner-up: Ace & Kenny

National Coach of the Year – Wei Qi


Coach Qi participated in the ITTF Pan American Championships. He studied all athletes’ abilities of all other countries, specifically their strong and weak areas. It was very crucial to prepare strategies for the athletes when they competed with them. During the competition, Coach Qi analyzed the recorded video clips with the athletes to provide his suggestions to improve. It helped reduce the pressure on the athletes before the competition. Coach Qi, a dedicated and well-respected coach, had proven himself to be of talent and quality.


Coach Qi's dedication to coach has helped many to advance to their best. He can quickly pinpoint the areas that the players need to improve to help talented players achieve their goals. In the 2022 ITTF Pan American Cadet Championships, the U15 Boys team won gold medals for all events, Team Gold, Singles Gold, Doubles Gold, and Mixed Doubles Gold. In the 2022 ITTF Pan American U11 & U13 Championships, Coach Qi helped the US Team as the team leader. The team was managed by five coaches with sixteen players.

All Results available on

Abigail 1st Place U11 Girls Doubles, 3rd U11 mixed doubles, 3rd U11 Girls singles.

Mandy 1st Place U15 Mixed doubles, 3rd U15 Girls singles, 3rd U13 Girls singles.


Mandy and Partner Aria Shi 1st in Doubles
Mandy makes it to Quarterfinals in Singles

Abigail and Partner Irene Yeoh 1st in Doubles
Abigail folds to Irene Yeoh in Singles Final

US girls win both Team Events


Girls Doubles, Boys Doubles, Girls Singles, Boys Singles.

Cuenca, Ecuador 

Daniel Tran plays, Qi Wei Coaches.


2022 Minnesota Senior Games - Table Tennis, Aug 11, Mankato

Mens Singles - 65-69
SUN, David 6

Mens Singles - 70-74

Mens Doubles - 65-69
STEPHENSON, Mark & SUN, David 4

Mens Doubles - 70-74
Lidstrom, Joel &  Knibbe, David 1

Michael and Daniel Tran Play in the Finals here Start in the stream at 3:07

U-15 Mixed Doubles Daniel Tran / Sally Moyland 1st place
U-19 Mixed Doubles Daniel Tran / Sally Moyland 1st place
U-15 Boy's Singles Daniel Tran 1st place
U-11 Girl's Doubles Irene Yeoh / Abigail Yu 3rd place
U-11 Mixed Doubles Max Mouchinski / Abigail Yu 2nd place
U-19 Girl's Doubles Mandy Yu / Aarthi Loganathan 1st place

The U-13 American girls, who were led by Coach Wei Qi, set the tone of the tournament with a clean sweep of the medals in the Singles Event, as Yishiuan Lin took the Gold, while Amber Liu bagged the Silver and Aria Shi and Mandy Yu shared the Bronze.

Under 13 Girls’ Singles
1) LIN Yishiuan USA
2) LIU Amber USA
3) SHI Aria USA
3) YU Mandy USA

U13 Girls' Doubles
1) SHI Aria USA & YU Mandy USA
3) SOSA Dafne DOM & ESTRELLA Arianna DOM
3) COLQUE CAMARGO Noelia Jazmin PER & AQUIJE CONDEZO Natzumi Valentina PER

U11 Girls' Doubles
1) PIYADASA Tashiya & KRISHNA Geetha USA
2) YU Abigail USA & PIYADASA Tiana USA
3) ABRIL Camila ECU & ABRIL Maria Alejandra ECU

 U11 Mixed Doubles
2) MOUCHINSKI Maxim USA & YU Abigail USA

The Rochester Table Tennis Club, coached by Wei Qui, has landed three players on the U.S. National Team.

Mandy Yu, Abigail Yu and Isabella Luo all made it after participating in the U.S. National Team Trials this past Thursday-Monday in Pleasantville, N.Y.

Sisters Mandy Yu and Abigail Yu have been placed on the girls 13-under and 11-under teams, respectively. Luo also made the 11-under team. Seven players have been selected for each age bracket.

Mandy (11 years old) and Abigail (8) live in Byron. Mandy attends Kellogg Middle School and Abigail goes to Byron Elementary School. The 9-year-old Luo lives in Rochester and is a Bamber Valley Elementary School student.

Their being placed on the U.S. National Team allows all three to play in international events, representing the U.S.


That all three made it was a surprise to Qi, who is a U.S. National Development Team coach.

“I wasn’t surprised that Mandy made it (she is ranked No. 1 in the country in her age bracket), but I am surprised that the other two did,” Yi said. “They are so young. They had to play kids older than them, and it was their first time playing in a national team trials.”

Yi is uncertain when any of the three will take part in their first tournament as a member of the U.S. National Team. The COVID 19 pandemic has gotten in the way of international tournaments.


Tournament Results

Feature Table at 1:25 to watch Abigail's match, 1:45 For Alex's match


Mandy Yu: Byron's table tennis sensation (Post Bulletin Sat April 10, 2021)

Mandy Yu is a resident of Byron and a Kellogg Middle School sixth-grader who also happens to be the best 11-year-old girls table tennis player in the country.
The best 11-under girls table tennis player in the country resides in Byron.

Her name is Mandy Yu, a Kellogg Middle School sixth-grader.

There is a girl who resides in the same house as her that isn’t far from her abilities. That is 8-year-old Abigail Yu, her sister.

Watch them play each other, the ball being smacked back and forth in such endless and rapid-fire succession, that it seems impossible that neither one of them is yet a teenager.

That is true until a close look reveals that Abigail’s chin isn’t much above the table tennis playing surface.

“My sister is a lot better than I was at her age,” Mandy said, taking a break from one of her six-days per week marathon training sessions at Rochester Table Tennis Club in Northwest Rochester. There, she is instructed by U.S. National Development Team Coach Wei Qi, a Rochester resident who emigrated from China.

“When I was 8 years old, I barely knew how to play,” Mandy said. “(Abigail) will probably beat me soon. She’s getting closer.”

There are a whole bunch of 11 year olds around the country who would like to beat Mandy. But when the chips are down, none have been able to figure out how to do it.

At least not in the last couple of years. A long break from national table tennis tournaments was taken by all players recently as a result of the COVID pandemic. The last time that Mandy took part in one was in December of 2019 when she won the 10-under championship at the US National Table Tennis Open in Dallas. Five months before that, Mandy was crowned the 10-under champion at the US National Table Tennis Championships in Las Vegas.

There are two primary places to hand credit for that. It is her insatiable appetite to get better, bringing on table tennis workouts with Qi that take three hours of her day, six days per week. Practice makes, in this case, a champion as well as a future Olympic Games hopeful.

And then there is Qi himself.

“Wei is a national coach, so he knows his stuff,” Mandy said. “He is very encouraging all the time. Sometimes he gets a little bit mad at me, but not too much.”

Mandy believes that Qi will get her to where she wants to go.

“My goal is to be an Olympian,” she said. “I know it’s going to take a lot of effort, but I want to do it. Being good at this helps me meet a lot of people and have a lot of opportunities.”

RCTC Fieldhouse has canceled all events from outside groups, that includes us.

Including this Sunday the 15th, and Tournaments Wed the 18th and Sunday the 22nd. All 2020.

March 14th. For the time being we are canceling all events.

March 15. As of now XNT5 19th St. Location is Closed. 

March 17. Cancel Rick Lee Party in Austin previously the 21st

March 17. All events canceled through May.

March 23. postpone Northfield Tournament of May 2nd.

May 13. 2020 August 4, Minnesota Senior Games Canceled

June 6 Mn Dept of health gives guidance for sports opening June 10th

June 17, 1984. RTTC Resumes play at 19th street

Oct 1, Fall season cancelled at RCTC, 19th street open with covid rules in effect.

Nov 20, 1984 All sports facilities closed for 4 weeks, we are closed everywere.

Dec 16th ,Practices begin Jan 4th
25% capacity/ 100 people max
Masks and12' separation more guidance coming from he who must be obeyed

 We will update as the situation changes.



Singles 1st Chi Lam, 2nd Paul Novotny

1st Keith Bodensteiner and Pete Wottreng
2nd David Shaffer-Gottschalk and Mark Stephenson


1st Place Winners
Group 1 Pete Foss
Group 2 Long Jin
Group 3 Lifeng Yu
Group 4 Ken Larson

Ratings Central Results

Result Sheets

Girls under 10 first place Mandy
 You tube Starts at 2hrs 8min


Singles Final

1st Place Weiping Feng
2nd Chi Lam

Consolation Lifeng Yu

Doubles Final

1st David Sun and Mark Stephenson

2nd Keith Bodensteiner and Lifeng Yu

Consolation Winner

Jim and Joe Viner

Result Sheets


The Winners Circle

Open Winner Pu Li

Open Doubles Ben Huynh and Abdul Rahman Kahn

U-1400 Doubles Alex Fu and Federico Franchi 1st
    Paul Novotny and Ken Larson 2nd

U-800 Singles 3rd Federico Franchi

U-2400 Doubles Pete Foss and Joel Lidstrom 3rd


Ratings Central Results

PDF Files of Results



Great results from the RTTC members at the Minnesota Open yesterday (April 27th), Congrats to all!

Mandy Yu - U1300 2nd Place
Felix Lu - U1300 Semi-Finalist; U1600 Semi-Finalist
Alex Luo - U1900 Quarter-Finalist
Peter Foss - O40 Champion
Chi Lam - U1900 Champion
Paul Novotny - First USATT sanctioned tournament


Start at 4:40 to watch U21 Finals

Michael Tran 2527 Vs Kaden Xu 2691

All Event Results from this years Northfield Tournament


Members of the Rochester Table Tennis Club scored in the 9th Annual NORTHFIELD Table Tennis Tournament last Saturday, May 5, which was sponsored by FiftyNorth (Northfield Senior Center)…
In the U-2400 Singles Event, Shashi Sethi placed third…
In the U-800 Singles Event, Don Heuton placed second and Alex Luo placed third…
In the U-2400 Doubles Event, Vidhan Chandra and Shashi Sethi placed second…
In the U1400 Doubles Event, David Shaffer-Gottschalk and Mark Stephenson placed second…
Kiswanto Thayib was the tournament’s director and Norm Hopkins was the tournament’s programmer…
FiftyNorth members were very appreciative of the use of the Rochester Club’s table to help make it one of the largest tournaments in Minnesota…Many of the state’s highest ranked players participated in the event…


4. Playing without an umpire

4.1 Non-umpired matches. The umpire, when one is assigned, is responsible for ensuring match without an umpire. The players are equally responsible for fair play in a
match without an umpire. Specifically:

4.2 No “second chances” are allowed. A player will have only one chance to score a point.
The most common situation is where another ball comes into the playing area during a rally.
If a player then strikes the ball (perhaps a high set up) and misses the shot, the result of that
shot must stand; the player cannot then call a let because s/he was disturbed. S/he took
his/her chance and doesn’t get another one.

4.3 It is the obligation of a player to call all balls to his/her side, to help the opponent make
calls when the opponent requests it, and to call against him/herself any ball that s/he clearly
sees out on the opponent’s side of the table such as a doubles serve that touches the wrong
side of the receiver’s table.

4.4 Players in a non-umpired match should attempt to resolve problems by applying the
above rules and good sportsmanship.

Our Favorite long pips player passed away, Kennith played the last few sessions with us while undergoing chemotherapy.

Kennith passed February 1st of Neuroendocrine Tumors.

In lieu of flowers, Ken would like donations made to the Veterans of Foreign Wars at
Memorial will be held Saturday, February 17 at 11 a.m. at Church of the Nazarene, 3343 East Circle Drive
NE, Rochester, MN 55906

Military Memorial will be held in the Spring at Fort Snelling Cemetery.


Event Finished Results to all events here.

Alex (the great) Luo won matches in u1000 and u1100.

In the U10 singles lost to eventual champion Daniel Tran.

Michael won over Seemiller in Mens singles then lost to Avvari.    Day 1 Table 1. 4:50

Mini Cadets Michael takes 1st over Nikhil Kumar 11-1, 0-11, 11-5, 7-11, 8-11, 11-5, 11-2.

In Juniors lost to Sharon Alguetti.

U1800 1st Peter Foss
U2400 Doubles Jiayi Li and Emily Feng

Use Google or Chrome Translate to read in English.

EcoSports Web

Boys’ Team
Adar Alguetti  (Tenafly, NJ) - 2016 US Pan Am Junior Team Gold Medalist
Kanak Jha (Milpitas, CA) - 2016 US Pan Am Junior Singles & Team Gold Medalist
Victor Liu (San Jose, CA) - 2016 World Cadet Challenge Bronze Medalist
Jack Wang (Livingston, NJ) - 2016 US Pan Am Junior Singles Silver Medalist

Coach: Qi Wei (Rochester, MN )

Girls’ Team
Angela Guan (San Jose, CA) – 2016 Pan Am Junior Team Gold Medalist
Amy Wang (Sewell, NJ) – 2016 World Cadet Challenge Gold Medalist
Crystal Wang (Seattle, WA) - 2016 Pan Am Junior Team Gold Medalist
Grace Yang (Covina, CA ) - 2016 Pan Am Junior Team Gold Medalist

Coach: Jun Gao (Covina, CA)

Senior Games were Thursday May 19th

Kennith Lowery 1st Mens 65-69
Stan Wilkinson 2nd.

Don Heuton and Rick Lee 1st Dbles 70-74

Don 3rd in singles with 2 wins over higher rated players

Joel Lidstrom lost in semis in a tough 60-64 group.

Ratings Central Results


6th Annual Northfield Results

Open Singles:
1st - Qi Wei
2nd - Michael Tran
3rd - Kristopher Sabas

Open Doubles:
1st - Wei Qi & Michael Tran
2nd - Kristopher Sabas & Anton Berman
3rd - Chi Lam &  Ben Kubesh

U-1400 Singles
1st - David Elliott
2nd - Bruce Bakken
3rd - Peter Foss

U-1000 Singles:
1st - Daniel Tran
2nd - Wayne LeBlanc
3rd - Rick Foss

U-2600 Doubles:
1st - Benjamin Huyn & Liam Sweeney
2nd - Doug Payne & John Tranter
3rd - Len Witz & Larry Witz

U-1900 Doubles:
1st - Daniel Tran & Hoang Tran
2nd - Peter Foss & Rick Foss
3rd - Bruce Bakken & Elise Hui

Senior Singles:
1st - Fuliao Li
2nd - Jim Gibson
3rd - Darryl Hill

Rating Central Results

Round Robin and Elimination Charts

Open Singles Final

Michael Tran vs Kris Sabas

See video here.

State Champs


Open Singles Champion - Qi Wei
Open Singles Runner-Up - Michael Tran
Open Doubles Champion - Qi Wei & Michael Tran
Women's Singles Runner-Up - Brenda Nguyen
U-2000 Singles Semi-Finalist - Chi Lam
U-1800 Singles Runner-Up - Vidhan Chandra
Juniors (U-18) Singles Runner-Up - Michael Tran
Juniors (U-14) Singles Champion - Michael Tran
Master (40+) Singles Champion - Lai Nguyen
Veterans (60+) Singles Runner-Up - Joel Lidstrom
Veterans (60+) Singles Semi-Finalist - Stan Wilkinson
Novice Singles Semi-Finalist - Rick Lee

Your Brain likes to play Ping Pong. Better yet play with both hands. Click here for article.

Check out the April 2012 edition of the SPIN Newsletter.

Get it here!

RTTC regular Rick Lee plays regularly at the Austin YMCA see the article from Austin Post-Bulletin for details.

Here is the  (edited) advice given to play the game.

1. One of the keys to being successful is to start out by purchasing a paddle.
2. You have to bend your knees and wait for the ball to come to you instead of lunging forward to reach it.
3. Prevent the ball from entirely missing the table.
4. Don't wear boots
5. When it is your turn to return the ball, you have to try to return it..

Check out the January 2012 edition of the SPIN Newsletter.

Get it here!

Montessori A group from RTTC, headed by Kiswanto Thayib and Norm Hopkins, presented an introduction to Table Tennis at Rochester Montessori School on June 3rd.
The kids had varying degrees of success connecting the paddle with the ball and all enjoyed hitting against the robot.
Pictures can be seen in Photo Album.

RCTC The Table Tennis exhibition put on for RCTC Table Tennis Awareness Week was featured in a Post - Bulletin article Tuesday Oct. 12 on page D1.   The article in "Local Sports Notebook" mentions that playing in the exhibition will be Lai Nguyen, Kiswanto Thayib and Michael Tran.

You can view the article on our Media/ Articles page.

Hall of Fame  includes Mitch Seidenfeld in the Class of 2010.

  • 2008: U.S. Paralympic Team member, Table Tennis - Paralympic Games, Beijing, China
  • 2007: Two gold medals, Class 7 Singles, Class 7 Team - Parapan American Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • 2005: Gold medal, Class 10 Team; Silver medal, Open Standing; Bronze medal, Class 10 Singles - Parapan American Table Tennis Championships, Mar Del Plata, Argentina
  • 2003: U.S. Olympic Committee's Table Tennis Developmental Coach of the Year
  • 1996: Silver medal, Class 8 Singles; Bronze medal, Class 6-8 Team - Paralympic Games, Atlanta, Ga.
  • 1992: Gold medal, Class 8 Singles; Bronze medal, Class 10 Team - Paralympic Games, Barcelona, Spain
  • 1990: Gold medal, Class 8 Singles; Bronze medal, Open Standing - World Championships, Assen, The Netherlands
  • Five-time Minnesota State Champion (1992, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003)
  • Four-time Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA) Athlete of the Year (1990-92, 1994)
  • Two-time World Dwarf Games Champion (1993, 1997)

Michael RTTC Junior Michael Tran, now ranked #1 boys under 8 years old in USA.  USATT Rating 1214.

brenda tu acui tournament_1_1 As a result of College Regional Tournament held this Saturday in Fargo Brenda Nguyen and Tu Nguyen have qualified for the NCTTA Nationals which will be held in Waukesha April 9-10.
rascvAnnounced they have named RTTC President Kiswanyo Thayib their Volunteer of the year for 2009.
They presented a plaque that reads. "Please accept this in acknowledgement of our sincere appreciation of your time, commitment and leadership.
Your efforts help support our mission towards amateur sports in the Rochester Area.
Post Bulletin - Jan 5, 2010  "Kiswanto is the president of the Rochester Table Tennis Club. He has always been more than willing to support all table tennis events with his time as well as coordinate his entire club in support efforts when needed.

davevolun_1_1 Dave Judd was named RTTC Volunteer of the year. Dave created this web site.

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