1. All players shall conduct themselves with good sportsmanship, respect and courtesy to others. Loud, profane or offensive language will not be tolerated.

2. Playing facility rules will be enforced, such as only non-marking shoes allowed. Drinking and eating are discouraged on the playing area at any time, but if you do drink or eat you shall clean up and make sure there is no spillage or waste left. Smoking, alcohol, gambling, or weapons are not allowed.

3. The USA Table Tennis Official Rules shall be followed. They can be found at the following web site:  http://www.usatt.org/rules/index.shtml.

4. All players shall cooperate in setting up tables and barriers. It is highly recommended that each table be set up by at least two players to avoid any damage to the equipment and floor. The tables must be carefully rolled, not dragged; make sure the wheels are unlocked.

5. The last players shall return tables and barriers to the storage. The tables must be lined up nicely in the storage area.

6. Players shall not lean on, sit on, kick or strike the tables; and shall not throw the racket. Intentional damage to the RTTC's equipment and playing facility may result in financial responsibility for repair or replacement of the equipment.

7. All players shall clean up the playing facility before leaving.

8. Players shall avoid unnecessary passing through a playing area in use.

9. All personal belongings and equipment shall be kept with you. The RTTC and its playing facility are not liable for missing or stolen items.

10. All children must be under adult supervision at all times. Any child's supervising adult will be liable for damage to equipment or the facility or injury to others that may be caused by the child.

The RTTC Board Members and its officers are authorized to enforce the Rules and Regulations of the Club. Violations may result in expulsion and loss of membership.

The above Rules and Regulations have been adopted by the Board Members at the June 19, 2003 Board Meeting. Rule #10 was modified by the Board Members at the November 15, 2006 Board Meeting.

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